What is Relationship Marketing?

If there’s one thing that is common among all customers, it’s their purchasing decision based on what they feel emotionally. This emotional standard is subjective – men might want the most recent technology or cars to impress women, mothers might want to put their children’s welfare first, businessmen might want to enjoy exclusive benefits and so on.

To become an effective businessman, you would want to create a product or services that appeal to the emotions of your customers. Customers become loyal and attached to your brand if you consistently stay relevant to target emotions.

Relationship marketing is a marketing strategy that’s been widely used among business sectors. It focuses on long-term customer engagement and customer loyalty rather than short-term goals. It contrasts the traditional marketing approach which aims to increase the number of individual sale. In a traditional transactional model, a customer may purchase your product one time but may not come back in the future due to lack of strong relationship marketing strategy.

Relationship marketing strategy is similar to our interaction with people. We want to spend more time with someone that we can connect with and invest emotionally to those who care about us. Focusing on relationship marketing over the transactional marketing is always better as it helps you create loyal customers when you have established a special bond with them.

How to improve your customer relationship marketing

These steps below are necessary not just in creating relationship marketing but improving your marketing using this strategy.

  • Customer service

This should be on the top list of your checklist. Take note that poor customer service is one of the major reasons why most loyal customers leave and go to other competitors. Implement a more customer-centric culture at your company to provide a better customer experience.  Put your customers first and providing customer satisfaction should be one of the core values of your company.

  • Social media marketing

There is no doubt social media has become a major part of our lives. The use of social media no longer limits to sharing your personal opinion or OOTD. You can use this platform to promote your brand and to create and build a closer connection with your customers. Through social media, you can answer your customer’s questions and get their feedback about your product. Make sure to address as much queries and feedbacks as possible so that your customers feel that you value their time and opinion.

  • Loyalty programs

Don’t we all love a little freebie or reward? We tend to develop stronger emotional attachment when we are appreciated and rewarded. Appreciate your long-term and loyal customers by offering some extra services that add additional value to your product. A loyalty program does not just hype up your sales but it also creates an effective reward system for your customers. This could either be a simple point system or a special discount for their purchases.

There are many possible ways where you can keep in touch with your customers and create a stronger bond with them. Apply customer relationship marketing strategy and you’re sure to see those loyal customers keep coming back.

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