4 Digital Marketing Tools that You Should Use

Technology has become an important factor of our life, not only on the social aspect but it has also dominated the business section. If you are a thriving businessman, it is important to embrace technology as an aid to your success. Adapting to the changes brought by technology is one of the skills that you should possess.

In line with this, the marketing strategy has also gone digital. Whilst there are still old-school marketing techniques that you should not say goodbye to, below are four of the digital marketing tools that you should learn and apply.

  1. Big Data

The term “big data” refers to a large group of data that is used by businesses in analyzing and creating insights and operation management.  It is expected that business-analysis market and big data will grow to $150.8 billion by the end of the year.

As a businessman, you can use big data to strengthen the relationship that you have established with your current customers and create a new one for your potential market. With the help of big-data analysis, you can have a detailed perspective of what your customer needs, which in return can lead to better service. It also allows you to study new trends in the market to target new customers.

  1. Visual Content

Content is very important when it comes to marketing. Visual media is slowly taking over the traditional content nowadays.

In a 2016 Animoto survey, 76.5 percent of professional marketers and small- to medium-sized business owners who used video marketing said the format had a direct impact on their business. Forty-four percent of companies were using live streaming to market their brands in 2016.

If you want to effectively connect to your new clients, introduce video and live streaming into your existing social media strategy. It’s an effective way of adding human element to your visual storytelling, which may drive leads and increase engagement.

  1. Augmented and Virtual Reality

 DW 3.1 - 4 Digital Marketing Tools that You Should Use

It is expected that virtual reality and augmented reality will reach more than $4 billion in market value. Though AR and VR are focus more on the entertainment and gaming industries, you can also use it on your financial sector. You can develop applications which allow your customers to visualize their financial goals with the help of augmented-reality technology. It will have a huge appeal to your younger customers who don’t want to compromise their time.

  1. Wearable Technology

Wearable technology is projected to be a $25 billion market by 2019. Instead of using laptops or computers in monitoring your business or financial status, you can use smart watch or other wearable devices. It’s an innovative way of marketing your products and checking for updates real time.

According to a report from Juniper Research, spending on wearable ads is expected to reach $68.7 million by 2019. That’s a significant uptick from the $1.5 million spent in 2015, which suggests more businesses are recognizing wearable tech’s potential as a lead generator.

Though technology advancement could be overwhelming, you have to learn how to adopt and evolve with these advancements.
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