About Dragon Wealth

We are Dragon Wealth.

We treat managing your wealth as a game we simply cannot afford to lose. Be it digital, social, or personal, we aim to create a safe environment through what we’d love to patent as ‘marketing in a box.’ What we specifically mean is that we make it easy for our financial advisors to connect with you—our valued customer—whether you’re a preferred partner or a newfound one.

We provide you with an online solution that includes our market-best app FAConnect. This is our secret weapon; our key to connecting our experienced Financial Advisors to investors who have put their faith in us. Our other app is INVESTO, an app specifically made for our investors so they could monitor how we handle their wealth and market it to diversify their assets. With these apps, we aim to make transactions straightforward, saving us both valuable time and money.

We here at Dragon Wealth aims to be the top dog, the dealer in the game—a game-changer, a disruptor, for the financial advisory market. We have won awards in the past with our patented processes and have been lauded for leading the charge in the Asian financial advisory field. Our success—as well as our testimonials—with and from players in the Asia-Pacific financial landscape speaks for itself.

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